Fixturlaser ECO Laser Alignment System

Designed to simplify Horizontal Axis Alignment Horizontal Axes

The wireless, fully digital ECO Laser Shaft Aligner is a basic system dedicated to horizontal shaft alignment.

With wireless sensor units, a 4″ color display, rechargeable batteries and an IP65 design that withstands harsh environments, a laser alignment system at an affordable price!

Fixturlaser ECO Laser Aligner from ACOEM

Benefits of obtaining the Fixturlaser ECO Alignment System from Acoem

  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Pre-assembled sensors
  • A 4″ color display
  • VertiZontal™ Movements
  • Screen change
  • 8 hours of battery life, continuous use
  • CCD sensor technology
  • Live values during adjustment – True Live™.
  • IP65 rated
  • The thinnest smart sensors on the market

VertiZontales™ Movements

The adaptable user interface guides you through the measurement and alignment process. We are especially proud of the feature, VertiZontal Moves™, where you only have to measure once before making the necessary vertical and horizontal adjustments. VertiZontal Moves™ is an innovative, time-saving feature.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The ECO laser shaft aligner has a limited lifetime warranty. Certain conditions apply, please contact us.

In the Box

The ECO Aligner case includes:

  • 1 ECO display unit
  • 2 ECO sensors, M/S
  • 2 pieces of V-brackets, complete with chains
  • 1 power supply 4 USB port 5 VDC
  • 2 pcs. external power cords, type/model EUR/US, 2m
  • 2 pcs. USB A-mini B cables, 0.5 m black
  • 2 pcs. USB A-micro B cables, 1.5 m black
  • 1 Tape measure, 5 m
  • 2 universal angle tools
  • 1 ECO manual – English version

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