Fixturlaser EVO Laser Alignment System

Evolved simplicity in Laser Axis Alignment.

Acoem has developed a new shaft alignment tool, Acoem EVO, which features our unique adaptive user interface. The tool’s ease of use is characteristic of all Fixturlaser tools; a shaft alignment tool that can be used by all maintenance professionals, not just experts.

Simplicity in your hands

The EVO laser shaft alignment tool has a close relationship with evolved simplicity.

This product is characterized by its simplicity and lack of ostentation, qualities that remain true to Acoem’s core values: simplicity, ease of use and focus on innovative techniques. At the same time, it gives you full control over the alignment.

Video presentation EVO Fixturlaser by Acoem

An intelligent tool

The EVO laser aligner offers a compact display unit with a 5″ color touch screen. It is slim and balanced, allowing you to hold it with one hand, leaving the other hand free to touch the screen icons and rotate the axes.

It has a clean, color-coded graphical user interface that helps the maintenance professional through the entire measurement and alignment process without hassle or stress.

The EVO offers a comprehensive shaft alignment package, including a foot-lock function, which is useful in base- or bolt-jointed machine situations.

Intelligent sensors for precision alignment

Fixturlaser Acoem was the first to use digital CCD technology in sensors of this type and, therefore, the first to launch a digital shaft alignment system on the market.

With a 30 mm CCD detector, you can achieve unmatched repeatability along with exceptional precision alignment, regardless of ambient light and measurement environment. The benefit over older analog PSD technology is unmatched with respect to the ability to filter and refine measurement data.

Another benefit is the size of the sensors which are very compact, only 33 mm thick and therefore easy to install even in the tightest of spaces.

Adaptive user interface with VertiZontal Moves™.


EVO Fixturlaser Acoem EVO Aligner Display

Fixturlaser Acoem has developed an adaptive user interface, i.e. a user interface that actually tells you what to do based on your measurement results. With VertiZontal Moves™, we bring you one of the most innovative and time-saving features in the world of shaft alignment.

The adaptive user interface shows how much a misaligned machine needs to be adjusted by adding or removing shims on the machine feet. By continuing the measurement, you no longer need to re-measure between vertical and horizontal adjustment during the adjustment process.

The following horizontal adjustment is carried out quickly with the actual values displayed.

Choose your view with screen switching

Confused when the display screen does not show the machine from the same angle? No problem, we have a solution for that too: Screen Flip. Allows you to see the machine configuration from the actual view you have of the machine.

In the Box

The EVO aligner case includes:

  • 1 EVO display unit
  • 2 pieces of digital smart sensors
  • 2 pieces of V-brackets, complete with chains
  • rod set
  • 2 pieces of 8 mm chains (length = 970 mm)
  • Power cord, EU and USA.
  • USB cable with snap-on ferrite, A-mini, 2 m
  • Power supply 5 USB ports
  • 3 pcs. USB A-mini B cables, 0.5 m (0.5 m)
  • Measuring tape 5m
  • 2 pieces of universal angle tools
  • NXA Manual – English version

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