We have products for the detection of failures in industrial assets before their functional failure. We offer you the most advanced technological products on the market in predictive maintenance.

Shaft Aligners

Aligner AT – 400
Aligner AT – 200
Aligner AT – 100
Aligner RT – 300
ECO Aligner
EVO Aligner
NXA PRO Aligner
NXA Ultimate Aligner
NXA Geometry Aligner
PAT II Aligner
EXO Aligner
Run Out Probe AT – 010

Engine Analyzers

Thermographic Cameras

Vibration Collectors

Vibrometer VT-300 Bearing Defender
Vibrometer VT-300 Machine Defender
FALCON Vibration Analyzer
NEST i4.0 analysis platform

Online Vibrations

Portable Vibration Calibrators

Ultrasound Equipment

Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy
Ultraprobe 401 Grease Caddy Digital
Ultraprobe 9.000
Ultraprobe 9.000 Atex
Ultraprobe 10.000
Ultraprobe 15.000

Metrology and Dimensional Control Tools

Vibration Sensors and Accessories

CTC sensors
Hansford Sensors

Specialized Machine Analysis

Oros Instruments Solutions

Professional Drones

EVO II Dual 640T

Where do we work?

Our services have reached different countries around the world. We have coverage throughout the Iberian Peninsula. If you need advice about our services and products, please contact us!

Do you want more information about our products?

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