HIKMICRO professional handheld cameras help to quickly detect hidden hot spots and anomalies in the electrical, thermal and visible view.

Thermographic Cameras

HIKMICRO thermographic cameras quickly detect hot spots and temperature anomalies before a fire starts, finding hot spots and invisible defects in machinery or electrical systems that could indicate a potential problem.

The cameras are useful for multiple sectors: industrial, building, renewable energy, mechanical, medical, veterinary, aerospace, and much more.

  • Inspection of industrial equipment
  • Cold storage inspection
  • Inspection of buildings, ships, aircraft
  • Electrical inspection
  • Inspection of power plants

Do you need advice on which thermal camera is best suited to your needs? We are here to help you.

Serie POCKET título

High-performance compact thermographic camera for professionals

Serie M título

Advanced thermographic camera with full function analysis

Serie G título

Advanced Ultra High Resolution (UHD) Thermographic Camera

Serie SP título

High performance and maximum flexibility

Serie Acústica título

Ultrasonic location of compressed air leaks and detection of partial discharges

Serie BX título

Intrinsically Safe Thermographic Camera for Hazardous Areas

Thermographic Analysis with Hikmicro Software

Hikmicro’s professional and free software will allow you to view, edit and analyze radiometric images in different ways, with the possibility to generate reports in an intuitive way. Software plays a very important role in fault detection systems and increases the productivity of the maintenance area. Also available in Spanish.

HIKMICRO ANALYZER SOFTWARE is a free software that offers flexible shapes including points, lines, rectangles, circles and polygons to analyze thermographic information from captured images with the ability to generate reports.

SOFTWARE HIKMICRO VIEWER is a powerful free application that allows real-time screen sharing with WI-FI enabled cameras. Users can control the thermal camera remotely.

Technical Specifications

Download the brochure with all the technical specifications of Hikmicro thermal imaging cameras.

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