Fixturlaser: Laser Alignment System for Smart Maintenance

  • Fast and accurate results thanks to our intelligent sensor technology.
  • Available with own screen and for Industrial Tablets.
  • Integration and Connectivity that allows easy data sharing.
  • Scalable evolution in the global ecosystem of “Mechanics Ecosystem”.

Free Software!

Shaft Aligners

Aligner AT – 400

Horizontal and vertical alignment, flatness and lameness measurement. Robust dual-axis sensors.

Aligner AT – 200

Horizontal and vertical alignment. Intelligent sensors with CCD technology.

Aligner AT – 100

Horizontal alignment. Ideal for basic to expert level shaft alignment work.

Aligner RT – 300

Horizontal and vertical alignment. Pre-alignment and condition diagnosis.

ECO Aligner

Horizontal alignment. It is a basic fully digital and wireless system.

EVO Aligner

Horizontal and vertical alignment. Unique customizable user interface.

NXA PRO Aligner

Horizontal, vertical and pre-alignment. Quick and easy measurement.

NXA Ultimate Aligner

Horizontal and vertical alignment. Pre-alignment and condition diagnosis.

NXA Geometry Aligner

High precision geometric measurement system, alignment, flatness, real time measurements.

Pulley Aligners

PAT II Aligner

Laser alignment of belts and pulleys. Precise alignment reduces belt wear.

ATEX Aligners

EXO Aligner

ATEX alignment system for hazardous areas. ATEX/IECEx Certification – IP68


Run Out Probe AT – 010

Tool with a multitude of applications to determine misalignment.

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