AT-100 Aligner

A Precision Laser Axis Alignment System!

The AT-100 Alignment System is an integrated application-based alignment tool that combines patented technology and easy connectivity.

The AT-100 laser shaft aligner is suitable for basic to expert level shaft alignment work, the AT-100 shaft laser tool provides high measurement flexibility. The intuitive tool works with a shaft alignment app on tablet or smartphone. It is easy to use and requires no special training.

The AT-100 shaft alignment solution is the result of nearly 40 years of shaft alignment experience and innovation, leveraging the latest technology to enhance your user experience.


What is GuideU™?

AT-100 Laser Shaft Alignment Systems

The next generation of 3D shaft alignment graphical user interfaces provides proprietary, customizable, icon-based, color-coded displays, making it easy to measure, align, document and report on every job. With visual, logical and easy-to-follow steps, GuideU™ provides accurate measurement and correction values and minimizes the risk of human error.

Easy alignment using VertiZontal™.

The adaptive VertiZontal™ user interface automatically indicates exactly how much you need to adjust your misaligned machine by adding or removing shims to the machine feet. This eliminates the need to re-measure between the vertical and horizontal phases to correct for horizontal misalignment. This industry-first feature saves time and ensures accuracy in every measurement.

Alignment Intelligence

Measurement with optimum precision

The AT-100 laser aligner sensors use superior digital CCD technology, offering unmatched capabilities, making the sensors tolerant to damaging external factors, such as vibration and ambient light.

A reliable and easy to operate alignment system.

TrueLive™ Rotary Machine Alignment has never been easier.

Shaft alignment is the key to success . An industry-first technology, it features two laser beam sensors and inclinometers that monitor both shaft positions at the same time.

Even if you move the machine position out of the detector range or interrupt the laser beam, the intelligent sensors will resume with an updated machine position and always deliver live values.

TrueLive™ functionality helps you save time when aligning your machinery.

Instant PDF reports

Make your reporting process as simple as possible. The PDF reporting feature of Acoem shaft alignment applications provides fast and efficient on-site reporting functionality that converts saved measurement reports into PDF files, which can be instantly shared from your mobile device.

AT-100 In The Box

Each AT-100 aligner is delivered with the following package:

  • Sensor, M8/S8
  • NXA rod set
  • Chain 12.7 mm 60 links (L=500 mm)
  • Measuring tape 5m
  • Full V-bracket
  • Universal angled tool – 1 piece
  • USB cable A-mini B 2m
  • Power supply 2 USB 5 VDC ports

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