FALCON Acoem Vibration Analyzer

With Acoem’s 30 years of experience in condition monitoring of rotating equipment, the FALCON vibration collector is an innovative tool for vibration measurement and analysis that brings condition-based maintenance within the reach of all users.

The ultimate portable vibration data collector and analyzer. With a wide range of optional features available, the FALCON can be configured to perform balancing, RunUp / Coast Down execution, FRF frequency analysis, ODS and much more.

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FALCON Vibration Collector Characteristics

Innovation never seen before in a vibrational analyzer

All in one

The ultimate in portable vibration data collectors and analyzers. With a wide range of optional functions available, the FALCON data collector can be configured to perform balancing, acceleration/deceleration, frequency analysis and more.

  • Wireless vibration analysis
  • Ideal for route-based maintenance
  • Wireless triaxial sensor X, Y, Z
  • Balancing module up to 4 channels
  • Rapid vibration analysis: each bearing takes an average of 8 seconds to measure!
  • Available in four configurations: Essential, Smart, Expert and Ultimate (full options).
  • Built-in accessories: stroboscope, pyrometer, camera, QR code reader and audio commentary recorder
  • Multichannel time signal acquisition up to 80s at 51.2kHz (4 Megasamples)
  • ATEX option for hazardous areas

Accurex™ automatic diagnostics

The FALCON vibration collector allows immediate use of the benefits of condition-based maintenance (condition monitoring): the patented Accurex™ automatic diagnosis works instantly on the basis of the first measurement.

Fault detection, easy interaction and process optimization. With general evaluation indicators that are very intuitive for the user. FALCON delivers unbeatable results!

Automatic measurement configuration

Any user can now set up vibration monitoring configurations without the assistance of an expert: all that is needed is a simple kinematic description of the machine on the visual tool. Child’s play!

Measurement Productivity

The wireless triaxial sensor and real-time processing capabilities literally reduce vibration measurement times: 8 seconds per bearing typical to measure all X, Y and Z directions with the highest quality vibration data set.

With the use of images, machine identification between a route has never been easier: the user navigates on FALCON’s large, colorful touch screen from the top view of the plant to the position image of the sensor on the machine.

FALCON reduces the time and costs required for on-site intervention to an absolute minimum. At the scale of a plant, FALCON really stands out.

Reliable by design

The FALCON analyzer was designed for uncompromising industrial use in the harshest environments:

  • Zone 2 ATEX
  • IP65
  • Withstands a drop of 1.2 meters.

The FALCON collector can be used with safety gloves, a rubber grip for better handling and shock resistance. The lack of cable allows the user to work safely within a range of 10 to 20 m between the wireless sensor and the unit.

Measurements can be performed under protective enclosures or behind doors, and the user no longer has to stand near the machine in hot environments.

Great communicator

The FALCON vibration collector incorporates all communication modes:

Wireless WiFi communication with three-axis vibration sensor Data upload/download by USB, Ethernet, Internet, standard WiFi protocol, Remote route exchange by email, Cloud access to ACOEM’s hosted platform.

The FALCON vibration collection and analysis tool communicates data to the state-based maintenance platform equipped with the powerful NEST software, so that data can be automatically stored, analyzed and reports can be published.

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