Bearing Defender Acoem Vibrometer

Bearing health status monitor

The result of ACOEM ONEPROD ‘s more than 30 years of experience in monitoring rotating machinery, the patented Bearing Defender vibrometer , with wireless triaxial accelerometer, provides instant warnings on bearing health.

Accessible to all mechanics, it allows a rapid improvement of the reliability program.


Zyxtrum™ Vibration Spectra
  • ZYXtrum™ vibration spectra have 3200 line resolution and automatically combines the FFT spectrum from the X, Y and Z directions.
  • Easy confirmation of a bearing failure by automatic display of BPFO and BPFI bearing frequency markers thanks to the integrated database of more than 30,000 references
  • Easy communication with vibration experts
  • ZYXtrum ™ actual rotation speed setting.
Intelligent 3D Indicators
  • Bearing Defect Indicator
  • Imbalance or Misalignment Indicator
  • Indicator of other malfunctions

Zyxtrum Vibration Spectrum – Fault Indicator

Bearing Defender

VT-300 Bearing Defender (Triaxial Accelerometer)

Innovative Wireless Measurement
  • Proprietary wireless vibration measurement (US 9,921,136)
  • Suitable for bearing fault detection with a bandwidth of up to 15kHz at +/- 3dB
  • Fits most industrial machines with +/-80g dynamics
  • Allows wireless measurement of inaccessible machines (closed room, behind doors…)
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 8h of measuring autonomy
Listen to the Signal
  • Live high-resolution data transmission via Wi-Fi protocol
  • Signal listening function available, e.g. while greasing the bearing.
  • No specific accessory needed, any standard headset compatible with your iOS or Android mobile device can be used
An easy-to-use Vibrometer

Vibrometer VT-300 Bearing Defender has been designed so that the bearing health assessment is “within the reach of any mechanic”. By simply selecting the machine speed range, power range and type of fastening, the Bearing Defender informs the user if there is a bearing defect, imbalance or misalignment problem or something else.

Thanks to the visual icon-based and color-coded interface, any user from all over the world can operate the Bearing Defender without prior training.

Results in 10 seconds

The Bearing Defender vibrometer takes only 10s to capture, process and display the resulting measurement data in all three directions. A full vibration reading of the bearing is presented in addition to the intelligent 3D indicators:

  • Vibration velocity with alarms according to ISO10816-3 standard
  • Full range acceleration
  • Displacement
  • Bearing Defect Factor™ value
  • High frequency acceleration level for bearing fault detection.
Reliable wireless triaxial measurements

Some of the most common failures of rotating machinery, such as unbalance or structural resonance, can occur in only one direction.

To prevent a faulty machine from going unnoticed, the Bearing Defender vibrometer’s wireless triaxial accelerometer takes triaxial vibration readings in a single shot, not only to facilitate the measurement process but also to keep the machine in good working condition.

Thanks to its patented wireless measurements and metrological performances, the Bearing Defender ensures that the machine can continue to rotate without risk.

Triaxial Wireless Accelerometer

Your mechanic 4.0

The Bearing Defender app is compatible with smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android.

Using a standard, easy-to-use display device, it is now possible to integrate vibration measurements into your maintenance 4.0 program alongside other applications, and get the best out of your personnel in the field.

More than 30 years of experience

Wireless and compatible with mobile devices, the Bearing Defender also incorporates the powerful ONEPROD Bearing Defect Factor ™ algorithm.

Developed in the 1970s on more than 2000 rolling elements, this technology has provided proven results for monitoring bearing failures in common machines in various types of industries worldwide.

Acoem – Expertise in bearing failure analysis

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