SPARROW Wireless Monitoring System

Sparrow, the smallest and most powerful triaxial wireless vibration and temperature sensor on the market.

Its capabilities, affordability, and full integration with the NEST i4.0 software make it the perfect choice for monitoring all balance of plant assets in your facility and the ideal complementary sensor for your existing network of Acoem’s critical asset solutions such as Eagle or MV-x.


Flexible Software and Hosting Platform

Connect all your data collection tools on one software platform with local or cloud-based storage. Seamless big data integration allows you to easily link your machine status information to your data lake via OPC UA (Nesti4.0, Gateway), Modbus TCP (Gateway) or MQTT (Gateway).

Compact, Durable, Effortless Implementation

At only 33 mm high, the Sparrow sensor can be deployed anywhere. Dust, water and solvent resistant for longevity. Operation in ambient conditions from -40 °C to +80 °C. Simple and straightforward to install and operate with your precision data available within minutes.

24/7 Access to Procedural Data

Simplify your decision-making process and improve your operational efficiency with information from all machines in your network available in one place at any time thanks to the Acoem Web Portal.


As the entry-level solution in the Acoem reliability range, Sparrow makes monitoring more affordable, especially for large-scale projects. The standard replaceable battery extends the life cycle of your sensor, which means there is no technological redundancy.

Advanced Diagnostic Capability

With the benefit of Acoem’s Machine Health Matrix and Shock Finder™ filter, quickly assess the condition of your machines with professional vibration analysis data available on a single screen on any enabled and secure device. Automatically access crash displays on the time waveform.

Technical Support

Remote support through our Acoem Advisor service whenever necessary. A customised and personalised condition-based maintenance programme can be developed with data analysis and certified reports from Acoem experts around the world.

Sparrow Wireless Vibration Sensor

Sparrow, a smart solution

We recognise that every industrial operation is different, and your plant may be made up of a wide variety of machinery, some critical and some not so critical. But every piece of equipment, regardless of its level of criticality, contributes to its ability to operate efficiently and effectively. Downtime and maintenance breakdowns can be costly and a risk to the safety of your staff.

With Sparrow, we now offer a full suite of monitoring solutions, from portable to wireless with real-time data capture, allowing you to choose which combination of sensor systems to deploy across your various assets.

Industrial Application

Provide your maintenance team with comprehensive diagnostic tools for  every machine in your plant, saving time, energy and resources. Sparrow is suitable for use in any industrial application, whether for a single  small machine, a large number of less critical machines or a complete network of balance of plant assets.

Designed to give you greater choice in your monitoring capability, it is ideal for balance of plant assets, including:

  • Electric motors
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Stationary machines without gearboxes (or small gearboxes)
  • Non-critical assets previously monitored by first-level data collection vibration meters
  • Machinery that may have been monitored through basic 4-20 mA sensors.

Integrated with the Predictive Maintenance Software Platform NESTi4.0

Sparrow provides expert diagnostic information to industrial machinery maintenance personnel in a clear, concise and user-friendly format. Integration with  Nesti4.0  equips maintenance professionals with a wide range of diagnostic tools, saving significant time and resources.

  • Provides maintenance teams with comprehensive diagnostic tools, saving time and resources.
  • Simplifies the decision-making process by presenting all machine information in one place.
  • 24/7 access to actionable data
  • Easy machine configuration: Sparrow offers simple machine configuration for easy deployment.
  • Machine status matrix – quickly assess the status of your machines with a single screen
  • Shock Finder™ Filter: Automatically displays shocks on the form
    time wave
  • Seamless Big Data integration: Easily link your machine health information to your Big Data ecosystem

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