E MAX Analyser

We understand that shutting down electric motors for testing can be time-consuming and costly.

With E MAX technology, you can now measure an engine while it is running without interrupting production. In a matter of seconds, the E MAX will provide a complete and detailed view of the power circuit, power quality, stator, rotor and air gap.

Evaluating engines while they are running allows efficient shutdowns so that your technicians can concentrate on engines with problems.

Why E MAX?

With E MAX technology, you can now test an engine while it is running without interrupting production.


Engine Analyser

  • Portable and battery-powered.
  • Simultaneous acquisition of six channels
  • Torque and efficiency analysis
  • Power and current signature tests

Fault Zone Analysis

Engine Analysis with PdMA

Electric motors can be complex and difficult to diagnose and we understand that. That is why PdMA® Corporation uses the Six Fault Zone approach to analyse electric motors.

The E MAX provides comprehensive data for each specific fault zone (power quality, power circuit, stator, rotor and air gap), giving you the knowledge to make key decisions regarding your electric motors.

Featured Case Study Example

What are the consequences of an overheated engine?

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